How To Work Triple Minutes With TracFone? (Complete Detailed Guide)

Triple minutes with TracFone is a feature that is frequently found in TracFone smartphones to promote the activation of new phones. This feature triples the amount of airtime that is activated. Isn’t it amazing?

It should be noted that TracFone triple minutes headsets are now on the market. Smartphones (the majority of which are Android) and QWERTY phones are among them. You can also bring your smartphone to use, and it will be treated as TracFone with triple minutes.

How To Work Triple Minutes With TracFone?
How To Work Triple Minutes With TracFone?


This feature plan was made available around the New Year in 2017. The feature was built into every phone package that followed it. This is advantageous for those who require smartphone-only plans.

The prepaid smartphone-only plans are intended to provide greater value, but one must consider the minimum monthly spend, which has been increased by $2 to $3. Unfortunately, the costs aren’t unavoidable, and there are also regulatory fees and taxes to consider.

However, if you don’t use your phone very often, this will suffice rather than spending $40 per month on unlimited plans. When you consider separate costs for data, text messages, and calls, their smartphone-only plans are designed to optimize lower average costs.

It goes without saying that these plans are created with consumer patterns and habits in mind. It also includes airtime for internet data, text messages, and phone calls.


This is a new feature available on TracFone smartphones that was created to promote phone activation services. When you activate your smartphone, the amount of airtime you have is tripled.

Furthermore, these headsets are now widely available in the market, whether for QWERTY phones or smartphones. These smartphones, however, run on Android. The best part is that you can use any smartphone you want, and it will support the triple minutes feature.


When you purchase the smartphone with triple minutes, you will receive triple the number of incentives. Not all minutes, however, will be tripled. If their smartphone does not come with built-in triple minutes, users must purchase the specified airtime cards.

However, securing the TracFone deal with triple minutes for life can be difficult. In the past, only a few smartphones supported the double minutes, but that number has recently increased.

However, the rates were reduced significantly over time in the past, which prompted the “for-granted” notion. This is the primary reason TracFone developed the triple minutes feature.


Triple-minute phones are designed to provide you with three times the number of minutes provided on the airtime card when you top up your phone. That is, a 60-minute airtime card will provide you with 180 minutes, while a 200-minute airtime card will provide you with 600 minutes.

That is one of the best deals available. It is especially useful because current Tracfone phones are designed with advanced features such as access to social media platforms such as Facebook via the phone’s web browser. However, the minutes will be consumed at a faster rate as a result of this.

TracFone airtime cards are typically available in packages of 60, 120, and 200 minutes. The 60-minute package will be $20 and will be valid for 90 days. However, at $20 per minute, the per-minute rate is quite expensive.

As a result, Tracfone pioneered the concept of double and triple minutes. That is, if you add double minutes to your handset’s airtime card, you will receive double the amount of minutes. If you added an airtime card with triple minutes, you would receive three times the total minutes.

For example, if you load a 200-minute airtime card into your triple-minute handset, you will receive a total of 600 minutes. If you have the promotional code, this figure may rise.

However, the use of a smartphone has altered the game slightly. Smartphones typically divide the triple minutes into three parts: talk, data, and text. As a result, all TracFone smartphones with triple minutes provide 3X talk time, 3X text time, and 3X data.

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Triple Minutes With TracFone



TracFone triple minutes for life means that once you buy a handset, your minutes are tripled when you add an airtime card. It should be noted that all minutes provided in triple airtime will not be tripled.

If the user’s handset does not include the triple minutes, they must purchase a designated triple minute airtime card. Finally, it is difficult to compete with TracFone’s offer of triple minutes for a lifetime. Even when data is added, triple minutes for life are the best option for any smartphone user.

Previously, only a few smartphones supported double minutes, but that number is growing. People began to take TracFone double minutes for granted as the rates for double airtime continued to fall. This compelled the service provider to implement the triple minutes. Let us learn more about these triple minutes.


Many people want to use their unlocked phones to access the services and make it a triple minute phone. TracFone is obligated to provide the BYOB kit, which includes various SIM card sizes and shapes.

On the other hand, several Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, Motorola Moto G6, and Samsung Galaxy S7, have been released with triple minute features. Previously, LG Ultimate 2 and Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon had a five-inch screen and front-facing camera with a similar feature.

Unlike Android devices, the iPhone 7 is compatible. The bottom line is that these smartphones will use different units to send text messages, use internet data, and make phone calls. TracFone, on the other hand, includes this feature in its standard flip phones.


If you bring your unlocked phone to use these services, it will be recognized as a triple-minute smartphone.

To bring your own phone, TracFone will provide you with a BYOB kit that includes SIM cards of various sizes for use with a phone compatible with the T-Mobile or AT&T networks, as well as CDMA codes for use with a CDMA handset compatible with the Verizon or Sprint networks. Check Tracfone Wireless Compatibility.


Several Android phones and a few iPhones have been released. The Motorola Moto G6, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO, and Samsung Galaxy S7 are among the most recent TracFone models. The older models include the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon with a 5-inch screen and the LG Ultimate 2 with a megapixel front-facing camera.

Keep in mind that you will receive a separate unit for data and texts with these handsets. That is, a 60-minute airtime card provides 180 minutes, 180 texts, and 180 MB of data.

Triple Minutes With TracFone
Triple Minutes With TracFone


Tracfone provided a couple of phones with touchscreens. However, in terms of capabilities, they were somewhere between feature phones and smartphones. Because they are not available on the official website, the phones can be found on eBay and other websites.

You can still activate the phone with TracFone if you get one handset from a distributor who has supplied several units of a specific model, as long as the box is labeled TracFone.

  • LG 305c and 306g: These two phones are essentially identical touchscreen handsets that operate on different networks. The LG 305c connects to the Verizon network, whereas the LG 306g connects to the ATT/T-Mobile network.
  • LG 840g: The LG 840g has a 3.2-inch touchscreen and can connect to a wireless network.
  • Motorola EX124g: The Motorola EX124g has a 3.2-inch screen, a music player, an email client, and a three-megapixel camera. It also comes with a stylus, which is useful for writing emails and texts.
  • LG 800g: This is a full-featured touchscreen handset with a smaller screen and a rounded shape. It is simple to use, but accessing social media platforms like Facebook can be addictive. To avoid wasting time, make sure you close the mobile browser.


TracFone currently sells less than two feature handsets, mostly flip phones. The service provider that sold QWERTY phones is listed below. It’s worth noting that you could buy new but used QWERTY phones from a reputable seller and activate them to use triple minutes.

  • LG 530g: The phone has a larger screen than the company’s first vertical QWERTY phone. It includes a mobile web browser as well as an email client.
  • Samsung T404g: This phone has a sliding keyboard that allows for quick texting. It has a music player as well as a 2-megapixel camera. If you have the lifetime triple minute feature, the texts you send will be less expensive.


To use the TracFone triple minutes, you must purchase a handset that includes the feature. Your airtime card is tripled the moment you activate your phone.

This TracFone offer is ideal for seniors and those on a fixed income. Unfortunately, TracFone is removing this feature from its new Android smartphones. Nonetheless, all TracFone phones that previously had this feature will retain it.

Tracfone Triple Minutes
Tracfone Triple Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Triple Minutes for Life mean on TracFone?

Tracfone Triple Minutes for Life is a bonus program that allows customers to receive three times the value of what they pay for. It only applies to airtime cards, which include talk time, texts, and data. For example, if you purchase a $20 basic phone card, you will normally receive 60 minutes of talk time, 60 texts, and 60MB of data.

Is TracFone getting rid of Triple Minutes?

Tracfone’s Triple Minutes for Life policy has been phased out, and all new phones no longer include it. This is an unexpected change for us and many Tracfone customers.

How do I double minutes on my TracFone?

You get the airtime by entering the PIN number from this card into your phone. This card will not give you any airtime, but it will allow you to get double minutes on your phone from a regular airtime card that you purchase.

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