How Does Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Work? (Explained)

Many mobile devices, including advanced smartphones, are now surprisingly affordable, and many retailers and carriers allow you to purchase a brand-new smartphone for less than $100, if not less than $50. Smartphone manufacturers, on the other hand, work all year to provide customers with better devices that have more durable designs, faster performance, and incredible features.

As a result, the most recent smartphone models are exorbitantly priced. Because this sum of money isn’t something that many of us can afford to pay all at once, it’s nice to have some other options.

How Does Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Work?
How Does Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Work?

Multiple Option For Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

In terms of financing, there are several Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan available when you wish to buy a new phone:

1. Monthly Installments

A monthly installment plan is a payment method that allows customers to pay for a new device in a series of smaller monthly installments (usually 24). It is a financing agreement that allows you to divide the total cost and spread it out over a longer period of time rather than paying the full price up front.

Each carrier allows customers to pay for devices in monthly installments, but the prices and terms differ. Depending on the price of the phone, one monthly installment usually costs between $20 and $30. For instance, if the phone costs $600 and you must pay it off over the course of 24 months, you will be required to pay $25 per month.

The disadvantage of monthly installment plans is that customers must pass a credit check to be eligible for them. If you have a low credit score, there are other ways to pay for a new smartphone.

2. Lease

Leasing is similar to renting a phone in some ways. You pay a monthly fee in exchange for renting a device. When the lease period expires, you do not own the device outright, but you do have the option of returning it to the carrier and selecting a new phone, or paying the remaining balance to purchase the phone.

3. Finance

The equipment installment plan is a type of monthly installment plan (EIP). In contrast to leasing, you actually own the device at the end of the financing period. Financing is slightly more expensive than leasing because you pay off the entire cost of the phone during the financing period.

4. Early Upgrade

An early upgrade is a monthly plan in which Straight Talk gives the client the option to upgrade to a new device for no additional charge before the first phone’s payment term expires. Upgrading early will cause your agreement to be extended, and your monthly expense will be higher than if you leased or financed.

Does Straight Talk Directly Provide Any Payment Plan For Phone?

Straight Talk is a popular telecommunications company that provides its customers with a wide range of affordable plans, devices, nationwide coverage on the networks of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as payment plans.

Straight Talk phone payment plan enables a customer to own a smartphone without paying the full price up front, but rather through affordable monthly payments. Using this option prevents the consumer from leaving the carrier before paying off the entire amount of the phone.

While most carriers will run a credit check before allowing you to pay in installments, Straight Talk will not run one if you choose to use their phone payment plan. Furthermore, there are no contracts or activation fees with this option.

How do they manage it? Straight Talk has a partnership with SmartPay, a leasing company and lease-to-own payment plan that allows customers to buy smartphones for up to $1500 and pay for them in monthly installments. They also sell some smartphones via Affirm and PayPal credit. As a result, purchasing a new cell phone from Straight Talk is simple and convenient.

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How Does Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Work?


Best 3 Company Offer Straight Talk Phone Financing Service

SmartPay, Affirm, and PayPal are the top three financial institutions that offer Straight Talk phone financing. You can use their financing options directly through Straight Talk’s website, or you can visit their respective websites first, apply for a loan, and then purchase a Straight Talk phone.

In addition to these three financial institutions that have partnered with Straight Talk, there are a few other lease-to-own companies that can assist you in purchasing a brand new Straight Talk device and paying for it in installments, such as Snap Finance, Visible, Afterpay, Financelt, and United Customer Financial Services. They all have the same eligibility requirements and a quick and easy application process.

1. SmartPay

As previously stated, Straight Talk collaborates with SmartPay to provide customers with the latest and most advanced mobile devices without paying the full price up front, but rather in affordable installments. You can cancel the program at any time because there are no cancellation fees.

SmartPay is an independent leasing company that leases you a phone; therefore, you pay the monthly installments directly with them, and Straight Talk is not liable for or a party to any transactions you make with SmartPay.

Most carriers run a credit check, but Straight Talk lets you pay in installments even if you have no money in your bank account. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with it.

To begin with, not all Straight Talk smartphones are compatible with SmartPay. However, the SmartPay lease-to-own payment plan can be used to purchase a wide range of devices, including smartphones and iPhones from Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Google, LG, and others. lists all SmartPay-eligible phones.

Once you’ve found a Straight Talk phone that can be purchased with SmartPay, the financing process is as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to and pick a device. Simply click on it.

Step 2: Choose the condition, color, and network, then click ‘Add to cart.’

Step 3: When you reach the ‘Checkout’ page, you can sign in with your Straight Talk account or proceed as a guest. Enter your billing address and other required information, then choose your preferred shipping method and payment method (SmartPay).

Step 4: Double-check your information and click the Continue button. You will be taken to the SmartPay website, where you can securely complete your order. At this point, you will complete your SmartPay application, and you will be able to complete your transaction as soon as you are approved (which should be instant).

The requirements of leasing with SmartPay are :

  • To apply for SmartPay, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a monthly income of $1000 – that is before taxes and deductions.
  • Must have and provide a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  • You must have a credit card or debit card associated with a standard US checking account.
  • In addition, all the personal and payment info provided in the application must belong to you.

The number of payments: The number of payments is determined by the length of your term (which may vary depending on the channel for which you are approved) and the frequency of your payments. Payments can be made monthly – every four weeks – or twice monthly – every other week. Customers can also choose to pay off their lease early (the 90-day BuyOut option) to save money on total fees.

SmartPay has no interest rates; however, if you choose to pay your lease early, you will be charged a buyout fee ranging from 3.5 to 20%.

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Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

2. Affirm

In addition to SmartPay, Straight Talk collaborates with Affirm to provide applicants with smartphones with free shipping and 0% APR financing.

To use Affirm to pay for your new device, go to and see if you qualify by clicking ‘Learn More’ and then ‘See if you qualify.’ The application process is simple and quick. All you’ll have to do is enter some personal information. There are no hidden fees with Affirm. A down payment may, however, be required. Your payment options are determined by the amount of your purchase.

Please keep in mind that not all Straight Talk devices are available through Affirm. In the following chapter, you can see the models that are currently available for purchase with Affirm.

3. PayPal credit

Straight Talk users can also use PayPal credit. This option also allows you to purchase a new phone with no money down.

The procedure:

  • Step 1: Go to their official website and select a phone to add to your cart.
  • Step 2: During the checkout process, choose PayPal as your payment method.

If you don’t already have PayPal credit, you can apply for it. The entire procedure will take no more than a few minutes. You can pay for your device over time with Lay-Buy, which will ship it to your address as soon as you return and pay. PayPal will not charge interest if you pay for the phone within six months. While Lay-Buy does not conduct a credit check, PayPal does.

Which Phones Can I Get With Straight Talk Financing?

Straight Talk provides two general financing options for cellular phone purchases: SmartPay and Affirm. Each of these options can assist customers in purchasing various mobile devices.


SmartPay currently allows you to pay for the following cell phones in installments:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxSamsung Galaxy Z FlipMotorola RAZR 5G
Apple iPhone 12 ProSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 5GMotorola Edge 5G
Apple iPhone 12Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GMotorola One Ace 5G
Apple iPhone 12 MiniSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GMotorola G Stylus
Apple iPhone 11Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5GMotorola G Fast
Apple iPhone SESamsung Galaxy Note 10+Motorola G Power (2021)
Apple iPhone XRSamsung Galaxy Note 20 5GMotorola G7 Plus
Google Pixel 5 5GSamsung Galaxy S21 5GMotorola G Stylus (2021)
Google Pixel 4 XLSamsung Galaxy S10+Motorola G Play (2021)
Google Pixel 4a 5GSamsung Galaxy S20 FE 5GMotorola G Power
Google Pixel 3a XLSamsung Galaxy A71 5GMotorola Moto E6
Google Pixel 4aSamsung Galaxy Note 9Motorola E
Microsoft Surface DuoSamsung Galaxy S10eMotorola E5 Play
BLU G50 PlusSamsung Galaxy S9+LG Q70
BLU C6L 2020Samsung Galaxy A51LG Stylo 6
BLU C5L 2020Samsung Galaxy A21LG K51
BLU View 2Samsung Galaxy A01LG K31
Nokia 8.3 5GOnePlus 8 Pro 5GLG Stylo 5
Nokia 5.4Alcatel Go Flip 3LG Aristo 3
Nokia 3.4Alcatel MYFLIP 2LG Aristo 3 Plus
Nokia 2.4NUU F4L Flip PhoneLG Classic Flip
Nokia 6300 4G


With Affirm you can currently pay for the following cell phones in installments:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxGoogle Pixel 5 5GMotorola G Power
Apple iPhone XRGoogle Pixel 4aMotorola G Play (2021)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Google Pixel 3a XLBLU View 2
Samsung Galaxy S10LG Q70BLU C5L 2020

Alternative Ways For Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

We investigated the various methods for purchasing cell phones with various payment plans directly from Straight Talk and on their website. However, there are some other ways to obtain Straight Talk phone financing assistance – through online stores and financial institutions.

1. Walmart

Straight Talk phones are available at Walmart. Walmart is an Affirm partner and provides financing for a variety of eligible merchandise categories, including mobile phones. As a result, you can purchase a Straight Talk phone from Walmart using Affirm.

Affirm, an eCommerce loan service provider, will provide you with affordable monthly payments at your preferred rate (3, 6, or 12 months). You have the option of using layaway or purchasing the item right away and paying it off later.

Simply go to, add the device to your cart, enter your personal information, and then select Affirm as a payment method and apply for a loan to pay for the device.

If you decide to purchase the product in-store, simply apply at, choose your preferred payment plan, scan your single-use barcode at the register, and then make payments online directly with Affirm. You will not be charged any additional fees if you use Affirm.

How To Apply For Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan?
How To Apply For Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan?

2. Amazon

Straight Talk’s official retailer is Walmart, but you can also buy Straight Talk devices on Amazon. If the device you want to sell costs more than $499 and is eligible, you can get no-interest financing from Amazon.

To do so, first apply for an Amazon Credit Account (you must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years old), then find a qualifying item online and add it to your cart, proceed to checkout, and choose Amazon Credit Account.

3. eBay

eBay sellers who work with LendingPoint may be able to obtain installment loans. However, the chances of finding a seller who both offers financing and sells Straight Talk phones are slim. As a result, it’s probably best to stick to Straight Talk’s online store.

What Type Of Plans Does Straight Talk Provide?

Straight Talk has two main plans: the Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited Data Plan and the Straight Talk Unlimited Plan with 5 GB. Let’s dissect them.

Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited Data Plan

With the Auto-Pay discount, this plan costs $50 per month plus $0.99 upfront for three months. It includes unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. You can add a $10 international calling pack to make international calls. The plan has no contract and includes free 480p movie streaming, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, and 411 calls.

There is currently a special offer that gives customers a $5 monthly discount with Auto-Refill and free shipping for three months. Following that, customers pay $55 per month with Auto-Refill and free shipping for a limited time. They may review your account if you use more than 60 GB of data per month.

This data plan can be upgraded to 1 GB ($5) or 2 GB ($10) for an additional $5 or $10. Unused data will be carried forward to the next billing cycle. You can earn points for renewing your plan, playing games, and referring friends with this plan. If you accumulate enough points, you will be eligible for a free monthly program.

Straight Talk Unlimited Plan with 5 GB

This plan is $34 per month plus $0.99 for the first month and includes unlimited talk, text, 5 GB of 4G LTE data, and unlimited 2G data. Obviously, it is better suited to those who do not use a lot of data. You can add a $10 international calling pack to make international calls. The plan has no contract and includes several other features for free, such as Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, and 411 calls.

There is currently a special offer that provides customers with a $1 monthly discount and free shipping for a limited time when they enroll in Auto-Refill. Additional 4G data can be purchased for $5 (1 GB) or $10 (10 GB) through the program (2 GB). Unused data will be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

You will also earn points for renewing your plan, playing games, and referring friends under this plan. You will be able to apply for a new monthly plan if you have enough points.


As you can see, obtaining a phone financing plan for purchasing a Straight Talk device is possible.

While Straight Talk phone payment plans are available from a variety of independent companies and retailers, it is easiest to get phone financing directly from Straight Talk, which offers installment plans through SmartPay, Affirm, and PayPal. Once you’ve received the loan, you’ll be able to buy your dream phone as well as an eligible plan.

Does Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Work?
Does Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lease a phone from Straight Talk?

Yes, Straight Talk provides cell phone leasing with the option for the customer to pay off the device and eventually own it. You must complete all payments in order to own the device. You can simply return it if you do not want to pay it off and own it. If you pay off your cell phone lease before the payment term is up, you can make an early purchase.

Does Straight Talk Phone Financing build credit?

It is determined by the phone financing method you select. SmartPay, for example, does not conduct a credit check and, as a result, does not report your payment frequency and behavior to credit bureaus. PayPal, on the other hand, will check your credit score and report your payment patterns to credit bureaus, which may lower or raise your credit score.

How do monthly installment payment plans work?

Straight Talk and other retailers frequently collaborate with financial institutions that offer lease-to-own payment options. To get a monthly installment plan, you must first ensure that you meet the requirements, then apply for the plan and wait a few minutes to see if you qualify, and finally buy a smartphone (in-store or online) and pay for it in installments using the application code.

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