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How To Unlock Simple Mobile Phone? (2 Easy Methods To Try)

How To Unlock Simple Mobile Phone? With the recent FCC policy changes, unlocking a phone has become a much easier task. The FCC authorized service providers to unlock phones for individuals who may wish to do so. This applies regardless of whether you had a debt with the company or if there is a problem.

However, some service providers do not comply with such orders and instead require people to pay in full before their phones can be unlocked. Fortunately, if you use Simple Mobile, the process is quick. Let’s see how to free unlock a simple mobile phone!

How To Unlock Simple Mobile Phone? (2 Easy Methods To Try)
How To Unlock Simple Mobile Phone? (2 Easy Methods To Try)

How To Unlock Simple Mobile Phone?

The unlocking process is quick and does not require you to pay any fees, but there are some conditions that we will learn about later in the article. This article will provide information on how to unlock a Simple Mobile phone or a phone that you want to bring to Simple Mobile.

We will also learn about network-compatible phones, plans, and much more. Let’s get this party started!


Simple Mobile has a lot of great features. Here are some of the advantages of using Simple Mobile:

1. Quick internet access

Simple Mobile operates on a dependable network that provides fast and secure internet access. During network congestion, however, speeds may be slowed, and people with post-paid plans are given priority.

2. Dependable customer service

Simple Mobile provides quick customer service via phone calls as well as in-person visits. Their email response time is 1-2 business days, and they do not use automated responses.

3. Affordability

Simple Mobile’s plans are reasonably priced, starting at around $25 per month. They also do not charge any fees for activating a device, porting a phone number, or other services that other service providers may charge for.

3. Ease of Use

In almost every aspect of their business, Simple Mobile follows a simple process. Bringing your own phone, porting your phone number, and any other service are all options.


Simple Mobile provides coverage by utilizing the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile has consistent nationwide coverage. T-Mobile has been in business for over a decade and offers high-quality services.

Furthermore, their network is based on GSM, which is widely used by phone manufacturers. It is easier to connect your own phone to the network because they use GSM.


Simple Mobile makes it very simple to unlock a phone. In most cases, the entire process takes about two business days to complete, but it can take as little as a few minutes in some cases. Call 1-888-442-5102 to get started.

Following that, you may be asked for information such as your address, phone brand, phone number, previous service provider, and IMEI number. They will then contact your previous service provider and request that your device be unlocked.

It will be easier to open the device if it is debt-free. If the phone is on loan, you must pay off the balance before it can be unlocked. It is uncommon to find a Simple Mobile device that is network-locked.

Because Simple Mobile only offers prepaid plans, the majority of phones sold on the platform are unlocked. They do not offer payment plans for their phones, so you will not be able to find a locked Simple Mobile phone.

Is My Simple Mobile Phone Unlocked/
Is My Simple Mobile Phone Unlocked/



An unlocked device allows you to use it with any carrier of your choice. If you own a Simple Mobile iPhone, you can unlock it and transfer it to another carrier rather than being locked into using a specific company.

Once you’ve unlocked your phone, you’ll discover that your options for carriers are much broader, allowing you to select the best plan for you. This article will demonstrate how to unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone.

Prior To Unlocking

Do you know that a carrier-locked iPhone cannot be unlocked? Whatever method you use, you must be aware of its blacklist status. You cannot check the blacklist status on your own; you must use a third-party IMEI checker.

However, nearly all IMEI checkers generate IMEI reports from the same out-of-date database, which means the IMEI report may be inaccurate.

WipeLock IMEI Checker is the only reliable IMEI checker we discovered. Unlike others who generate reports from databases, WipeLock’s experts will manually check the IMEI number to ensure the IMEI report is 100 percent accurate.

To avoid wasting time and money, use WipeLock IMEI Checker to check the blacklist status. If the blacklist status is Clean, you can unlock your iPhone using one of the methods listed below. If not, there is no way to unlock your iPhone.


Let’s dive into the details of how to unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone. There are two simple ways to complete this process, as outlined below. No matter which method you choose, unlocking the phone should be easy.

Method 1. Contact Simple Mobile (Up to 15 Business Days)

  • You must first contact Simple Mobile in order to have your phone unlocked.
  • Simple Mobile will unlock it for free remotely.
  • Keep in mind that in order for Simple Mobile to unlock your device, you must first meet certain terms and conditions.

Policy for Simple Mobile Unlocking

Terms and conditions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Simple Mobile’s service must have been active on the device for at least 12 months.
  • The device must not have been reported lost or stolen in order to be unlocked by Simple Mobile.
  • The unlock must be requested by the customer.

If, despite meeting the terms and conditions, your device cannot be unlocked for any reason, Simple Mobile may offer a partial refund toward the purchase of a new phone.

Unlock Simple Mobile Phone
Unlock Simple Mobile Phone

Steps for Requesting an iPhone Unlock from Simple Mobile

WipeLock IMEI Checker can determine whether your iPhone is on the blacklist. Please visit https://www.simplemobile.com/contactus. There are three ways to contact them:

  • Online conversation
  • Call 1-877-878-7908 for more information.
  • Through the mail

Choose one of the methods listed above to contact them. Give them your iPhone’s IMEI number. Simple Mobile will audit your information and remotely unlock your iPhone. Please be patient as the process may take up to 15 working days.

You will be notified via email or phone once your account has been unlocked. Then, insert a new SIM card into your iPhone and use it normally!

Method 2. Using a Simple Mobile Unlock Service

You can use a service to unlock your Simple Mobile iPhone. A Simple Mobile unlock service can assist in streamlining the process, making it easier to enjoy the freedom of choice. Many services can provide quick and easy remote unlocking without voiding your warranty.

Remember that you will have to pay for the unlocking service. Once you’ve paid, the company unlocking your phone will start the process remotely. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours for the service provider to receive your unlock code from the carrier or manufacturer.

DirectUnlocks is one of the best services. This service provider can search a database of manufacturers for your phone and make the unlocking process go as smoothly as possible. They will assist you in permanently and remotely unlocking your iPhone. To use it, make sure you have your device’s IMEI number handy. You can get there by dialing *#06#.


Simple Mobile offers a variety of plans, and they include the following:

1. $25 plan

This plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data. The first 3GB is a high speed, and once it’s depleted, speeds are slowed down to 2G. The plan is valid for 30 days.

2. $30 plan

With this plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and data. You also get 5 GB of high-speed data, after which the speeds are slowed to 2GB.

3. $40 plan

With this plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and data. You are also assured of 15 GB of high-speed data, after which the speeds are slowed to 2G. The plan also has 5G network coverage under T-Mobile.

4. $50 plan

This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as 5 GB of mobile hotspot. Video streaming in resolutions of up to 480p is also permitted.

5. International phone calls

In Mexico and Canada, international calling is available. The calls are valid for landlines in over 64 countries and mobile phones in up to 20 countries. All plans are prepaid, and you have the option to cancel at any time.


Simple Mobile makes use of T-GSM Mobile’s network technology. GSM is a standard network technology that has been adopted by almost every phone manufacturer. So, if you have a GSM phone, it will work with Simple Mobile. Simple Mobile is compatible with the following phones:


Other phones may be compatible as well, but you must confirm compatibility. You will need to use an IMEI number to check compatibility. If the IMEI is consistent, you will be given the option to bring your own phone sim toolkit, which costs approximately $0.99$. After receiving the kit, simply insert the Simple Mobile sim card into the phone and activate the sim card.

How Do I Unlock Simple Mobile Phone?
How Do I Unlock Simple Mobile Phone?

CONCLUSION on Unlock Simple Mobile Phone

In comparison to most service providers, Simple Mobile has a simple unlocking process. You can expect a quick and easy unlocking process with no fees.

Remember to always provide the necessary details in order for the process to be as quick and efficient as possible. If your previous service provider locks the phone, you should contact them to have it unlocked.

FAQs on Simple Mobile phones

Can Simple Mobile phones be unlocked?

Why can’t I get into it? Because it was branded by the manufacturer, your device cannot be unlocked. This means that you can only use your device with one brand. Visit our Unlock Policy page to see if your device is eligible to be unlocked.

Is it possible to transfer my Simple Mobile number to Straight Talk?

By going to www.straighttalk.com/activate, you can transfer (port) your current phone number to Straight Talk. Then, proceed as directed on the screen. Transferring a mobile phone can take up to two business days, but in most cases, it only takes a few hours.

Can I unlock my phone with IMEI number?

To unlock your phone, your wireless service provider will require the IMEI number. Contact your mobile service provider and request that your phone be unlocked. Your service provider will review your account to ensure you meet all requirements for free phone unlocking.