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How To Unlock a MetroPCS Phone? (Easy Steps!)

When you buy a MetroPCS phone, it is not automatically unlocked. Most people dislike this aspect and are eager to unlock their phones by any means necessary in order to reap the full benefits of their devices. Metro hopes to retain their customer base by tying them to their network by locking their mobile phones.

Unlocking your phone allows you to take advantage of better deals and services without restrictions. However, the procedure is far from simple. To unlock your phone through MetroPCS, for example, you must meet certain requirements for your phone to be certified for unlocking.

Back-end software, on the other hand, has been developed to unlock your phone without any restrictions. You do not need to meet the MetroPCS phone unlock policy requirements if you use these third-party methods.

How To Unlock a MetroPCS Phone?
How To Unlock a MetroPCS Phone?


A MetroPCS device must have been in service for at least ninety (90) days consecutively from the date it was activated to be eligible for unlocking. However, even if the account was suspended at some point, the device can be unlocked as long as the account is still active and was not disconnected during the original 90-day period.

When an account is reactivated after being deactivated, the 90-day timer resets. MetroPCS customers must have at least 90 days of continuous service before MetroPCS will unlock their phone.

Furthermore, MetroPCS will not unlock a phone that has been reported as lost or stolen, or that has been linked to fraudulent activity. MetroPCS will provide an unlock code within two business days of receiving a request if the person meets the criteria outlined above. If the carrier denies an unlock request, the reason for the denial will be provided.


After receiving the unlock code, the user can unlock the device using the MetroPCS app. The device can also be unlocked by directly contacting MetroPCS customer service. Once unlocked, the device can be used with a different mobile provider.

The MetroPCS app can unlock a wide range of phones, including the Alcatel Fierce XL, Coolpad Catalyst, Kyocera Hydro Wave, LG G Stylo, Samsung Galaxy, and many more. As long as the user has an active data connection, unlocking the phone with the app is simple.

The first step is to launch the MetroPCS app and select Device Unlock from the menu. Following that, the user only needs to select Permanent Unlock and restart the device. Customer service can unlock any phone that cannot be unlocked using the app.

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How To Unlock MetroPCS Phone?


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If you’re ready to break through the network carriage barrier, there are several techniques you can employ depending on your phone model. Among the best are:


The requirements for metro phone unlocking are minimal and extremely simple. If you meet these requirements, they will unlock your phone for a low or no cost. These are the requirements for general users:

  • Your phone must be on the Metro network and have been purchased from them. Otherwise, your application will be denied because Metro does not allow phones from other network carriers to be unlocked.
  • The mobile phone must have been active for at least 180 days from the date of activation. Even if you replace your phone within the warranty period, your activation date remains the day you bought it.
  • You must have a valid and active email address in order for Metro to send you the activation code.

Not all of the above requirements apply to military personnel. Service members are entitled to a number of exceptions subject to a few conditions. If you are in the military or have a close relative who shares a Metro account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Present yourself at a metro branch or send someone close to you on your behalf.
  • You must show proof of current or pending overseas deployment.
  • Fill out the Metro phone unlocks application form and bring it to the processing center.

When your phone unlocks application is approved, you will receive an email with a system-generated activation code. After entering the code, your phone should be unlocked, removing any network carrier restrictions. You can see if the process was successful by inserting your local SIM card and seeing if it is detected.

You have two options for contacting Metro customer service to activate your phone. You can either visit their location or call them. If you choose to call, you must provide your phone number, account name, and Billing pin.

After you’ve filled out the form, the application will be processed and an activation code will be emailed to you. As a result, you should make certain that you have all of the account-related data in order to avoid delays or decline.


Some Metro phone models do not necessitate contacting or visiting a Metro agent. You only need to download and install the Metro unlock App on your phone.

This app can unlock phones from Cool-pad, Alcatel, Kyocera, HTC, and Samsung, among others. After installing the app, follow the steps below to unlock your phone.

  1. Start the app and select your phone model. If you can’t locate the tab, check it in Metro by T-Mobile folder.
  2. Continue after selecting the Device Unlock button.
  3. If you want to permanently unlock your phone, select “Permanent Unlock.”
  4. Restart your phone to complete the process. If you do not restart your phone, you will receive a persistent restart notification.
Unlock MetroPCS Phone For Free
Unlock MetroPCS Phone For Free


This is a piece of independent software that can assist you in circumventing the Metro carrier’s limitations. You can unlock your phone without involving anyone else. However, this service is fee-based but not prohibitively so.

The method can unlock all Metro phones, including those that have been blacklisted or have negative standings. Follow these steps to use this technique:

  • Go to Direct-Unlocks MetroPCS Unlock
  • Select your phone model from the page menu.
  • Enter the IMEI number from your device. If you don’t have it, dial *#06# on your phone to get it.
  • Continue to the payment page by clicking Continue. To clear the required charges, enter your payment information. You’ll get your money back if your phone isn’t unlocked.
  • Submit the payment information and the order code will be generated. This code is significant because it can be used to track the progress of the unlocking process.
  • The process begins immediately after your payment is received. It takes a few hours, but no more than 24 hours. Your phone’s features will be fully unlocked, and it will be compatible with a wide range of carriers.


1. Customer Service

The safest and simplest way to unlock a MetroPCS phone is to contact customer service. MetroPCS uses SIM cards that are easily unlocked, so you only need to provide a little information to unlock your device. You can do so by phone or in person at a MetroPCS store.

To unlock a MetroPCS phone, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Phone number of the phone to be unlocked
  • Full name as it appears on the MetroPCS account
  • The PIN for the account
  • The email address for the account

Once this process is complete, you will receive an email from MetroPCS with your device’s unlock code. Simply insert the new SIM card into your MetroPCS phone, follow the on-screen instructions, and enter the provided code.

2. Service for Unlocking

You can also use a third-party unlocking service to unlock your MetroPCS phone. This method will usually provide you with a faster turnaround time than calling customer service, but you will have to pay for the service (in our experience, anywhere from $10 and up).

If you choose this method to unlock a MetroPCS phone, you will have a plethora of options. Simply perform a Google search for unlocking services or visit the forums for more information.

3. (Un)locked And Loaded!

After you complete the steps, your MetroPCS phone will be unlocked and ready to use with another compatible carrier. This isn’t limited to unlocking a MetroPCS phone; the process is applicable to most devices and carriers.


  • When traveling internationally, you avoid paying exorbitant roaming fees. An unlocked phone allows you to purchase local SIM cards, which are significantly less expensive. MetroPCS is notorious for charging exorbitant fees for call and data bundle
  • Unlocked phones are more expensive than locked phones. As a result, if you want to sell your phone for the highest possible price, unlocking it is a great way to increase its value.
  • You have the ability to switch service providers, which allows you to take advantage of better tariffs and services. You stand to gain a lot with the freedom to change networks in this day and age of competitive carriers. Occasionally, competing entities will introduce a variety of subsidized features that you can use.
  • You get more features on your phone without jeopardizing its warranty.
  • You continue to use your phone even while it is being unlocked. No matter which method you use to unlock your phone, none of them will require you to leave your phone. As a result, you will be able to contact your regular business using your phone throughout the entire period.
Easy Ways To Unlock MetroPCS Phone
Easy Ways To Unlock MetroPCS Phone


The advantages of unlocking your Metro phone are incalculable. You can enjoy great features in your phone that you may not have known existed. You can unlock your metro phone using any of the methods listed above.

If you’re traveling or simply fed up with Metro services, don’t worry; you can upgrade your phone to a more powerful and versatile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you unlock a Metro phone?

We provide free unlocking for mobile devices that meet the following eligibility criteria: The device must have been purchased from Metro by T-Mobile. The device should not be reported as lost, stolen, or disabled. Since the device’s activation date, one hundred eighty (180) days must have passed.

How much does it cost to unlock a Metro phone?

You can also use a third-party unlocking service to unlock your MetroPCS phone. This method will usually provide you with a faster turnaround time than calling customer service, but you will have to pay for the service (in our experience, anywhere from $10 and up).

How can you tell if a MetroPCS phone is unlocked?

Another way to tell if your phone is unlocked is to insert a SIM card from a different carrier and see if you can make a call. If your call connects successfully, your phone is unlocked and should work with other SIM cards.

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