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How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone? (Easy Guide!)

Boost Mobile is a leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides fantastic cell phones and plans to new and existing customers, ranging from inexpensive pre-owned phones to the most recent and best mobile devices.

Knowing how to unlock boost mobile phone, on the other hand, allows you to use it with other wireless service providers. The Boost unlock codes can be obtained from the Nokia Free, Unlockitfree, and Trycktill websites.

Furthermore, the Boost roster lineup of flagship mobile phones includes Apple and Samsung, as well as more affordable options from manufacturers such as Motorola and LG. Through their boost mobile iphone deals, you can get your hands on your dream smartphone. Furthermore, the BoostUP!

The program, which is only available to qualified customers, finances your phone by making a low monthly payment. Notably, this program is only available to customers who have been with Boost for at least a year.

How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone?
How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone?


Boost Mobile operates on the CDMA network technology. However, after unlocking, a Boost Mobile phone is compatible with SIM cards from CDMA carriers such as Verizon and US Cellular, among others. An unlocked Boost Mobile device, on the other hand, is incompatible with GSM network carriers such as AT&T.

Fortunately, Boost Mobile now supports most unlocked devices that are compatible with T-network. Mobile’s If you’re unsure, you can check your IMEI on Boost’s website before signing up.

Furthermore, Boost Mobile will inform you of which network is operational. If you switch to Boost Mobile, you can get free cell phone service for life and unlimited everything without having to buy a new phone. In this case, you’ll need a phone that has been completely unlocked.

There are numerous mobile devices to choose from if you are looking for a new device. If you have an unlocked phone, you can check its compatibility on Boost Mobile’s website or bring it into a Boost Mobile store.


  1. You can contact Boost Mobile’s customer representative team at 1-866-402-7366.
  2. Please provide the information they require and ask for a carrier unlock code.
  3. The unlock will get processed within the next few days.
  4. After getting the unlock code, enter it per the customer support team’s instructions.


  1. Find the IMEI number for your device. This number can be obtained from the website offering free unlock software. You can also enter the IMEI number by pressing “*#06#” on the phone keyboard and then “Enter.” The IMEI number will appear on the screen immediately.
  1. Go to the Unlockitfree website and, when prompted, enter the model number of the mobile device and click “Find.”
  1. In the appropriate fields, enter your phone’s model number, IMEI number, and country of origin. Tap “Generate” after selecting Boost as your cell phone provider.
  1. There will be a list of potential unlocking codes displayed. You can enter one of the unlock codes that were provided to you. To check if your phone is unlocked, press “Enter” and restart it. If necessary, you can try another code.

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How To Unlock Boost Mobile


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If you want to switch to a contract-free prepaid service provider in the United States and take advantage of Boost Mobile free phones, Boost Mobile is one of the best options. This carrier has a wide selection of premium and low-cost cell phones, as well as a variety of mobile devices and plan options.

Furthermore, many Boost deals require new customers to sign up for wireless service, transfer service from another wireless carrier, or purchase new Boost cell phones and activate them with their wireless service. Furthermore, Boost requires customers to stay with them for 12 months before unlocking devices, which can make it difficult to transfer a device to another carrier.

Most importantly, if you are ready to switch from your current carrier to Boost, you must take the following steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Choose a new Boost cell phone plan.
  • Contact Boost Mobile with your name, address, customer account number (from your current provider), and password.
  • If you decide to use your old phone with your new provider, make sure it is unlocked and compatible.
  • Wait and relax. Switching your cell phone and porting your number to a new carrier typically takes a few hours to one business day.


When you purchase a phone from Boost Mobile, it is locked to its network, preventing you from using other carrier services unless you unlock it. Most third-party unlock services, however, charge a fee, whereas unlocking your phone through Boost Mobile is free.

Furthermore, before you can learn how to unlock your boost mobile phone, you must first understand the term “locked.” This is a cell phone that only accepts a Boost Mobile SIM card via its parent mobile network.

Furthermore, such a device cannot be activated on the network of another wireless operator. When Boost unlocks your phone, you can use it with another carrier’s SIM card, making it an unlocked cell phone.

Policy on Boost Mobile Unlocking

  • The device must be capable of being unlocked.
  • The phone should not be reported as deactivated, lost, or stolen.
  • The Boost account associated with the unlock device must not have a negative rating or outstanding payments.
  • The unlock device must have been active on the Boost Mobile network for at least a year.
  • Because the carrier cannot unlock other carrier locks, the device must be purchased from Boost.
  • Before requesting an unlock, all payments must have been made within three months.


Existing Boost customers who meet the above requirements can unlock their boost mobile phone in a few easy steps:

  • Contact Boost Mobile customer service.
  • Obtain the unlock code
  • Enter the unlock code.

For BoostUP installment plan customers, the entire unlocking process should take no more than a day. Otherwise, it may take up to 48 hours to unblock your device. However, it would be beneficial if you did the following to ensure a faster process:

  • Keep your SIM card in your phone until the process is finished, as replacing or ejecting it may result in a failed unlock request.
  • Throughout the unlocking process, turn on and connect your phone to the Boost Mobile network or WiFi network.

If you bought a Boost phone from a third party, such as a former customer or an old Boost Mobile customer, the process will be slightly different because the carrier will require some additional steps.

Unlock Boost Mobile Phone For Free
Unlock Boost Mobile Phone For Free


Among the boost mobile new customer deals, you can purchase any phone you want. Whether you require the latest iPhone 13 or a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Boost Mobile can provide you with the device. However, you can look for the most popular cell phones on Boost’s network to learn about what people prefer to use.

Again, Boost Mobile is a well-known national mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that operates on T-4G Mobile’s LTE network. There are some advantages to your Boost next cell phone plan, which include:

  • Hotspot data included with select plans
  • All-in pricing is inclusive of taxes and fees
  • Boost deals give you the opportunity for a $5 account credit each month
  • Competitive prices
  • No credit check

Surprisingly, Boost will provide you with a new phone for free if you sign up for a qualifying cell phone plan. To be eligible for Boost mobile plans with free phones, you must port in your current phone number.

You can still port your number to Boost and activate it in order to use their service and get a better deal on their cell phone plans. To begin the process of porting in your current cell phone number, contact Boost Customer Service.


It takes simple steps to have your phone set up with a Boost Mobile service that includes cell phone plans with free phones:

  • Ensure your phone’s compatible and unlocked
  • Select and order your Boost Mobile SIM card kit online
  • When it arrives, insert your SIM card into your mobile phone and follow the provided activation instructions.


The SIM card on a Boost Mobile phone allows you to move your phone’s number and contacts from one phone to another. The default SIM lock code is 0000, but you can change it via the phone’s menus.

If you forget the code or enter it incorrectly three times, the phone will prompt you for a Pin Unlocking Key (PUK) code. The PUK must be obtained from Boost Mobile customer service.

  • Call Boost Mobile at (866) 402-7366 for more information.
  • Choose the option to contact customer service.
  • Validate your account with a Boost Mobile representative. The agent will request a password or other account information from you.
  • Advise the representative you need a PUK code. The agent will give you the code.
  • Select “Unblock PIN” on your phone and type the PUK code.
  • Enter a new SIM PIN, then re-enter the PIN to confirm. The phone will display “SIM Unlocked.”


All Boost Mobile devices are network-locked, which means you can’t use them with another wireless provider until they’re unlocked. However, if you meet the eligibility requirements, it can take up to 7 days to unlock Boost Mobile, but the average timeframe is 48 hours. Furthermore, if you use a third-party unlocking service, your device will be unlocked within 24 hours.

Best Ways To Unlock Boost Mobile
Best Ways To Unlock Boost Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unlock my Boost Mobile phone for free?

All of Boost Mobile’s cell phones are sold network-locked, which means they will not work with another carrier unless you unlock them. Unlocking your phone through Boost Mobile is free, whereas third-party unlocking services charge a fee.

Is it possible to unlock a Boost Mobile phone?

To unlock a Boost Mobile phone, contact Boost Mobile Customer Service at 1-888-266-7848. You must have had your phone connected to your Boost Mobile account for at least a year before you can unlock it.

Can I unlock my phone myself?

Inserting a SIM card from another network into your phone will confirm whether or not your phone requires unlocking. If it’s locked, you’ll see a message on your home screen. The simplest way to unlock your device is to contact your service provider and request a Network Unlock Code (NUC).

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