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Archos 5 review – Part 1: Unboxing

Posted by Charbax on September 5th, 2008

Here I am unboxing the Archos 5 which is a 250GB Linux based Internet Media Tablet based on the new Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor that is just being released right now. It’s got a really nice high resolution 4.8″ touch-screen, HD video formats support. Check out this screen, it is pure awesome!!! It looks awesome in the metro, in the bus, in the train, pretty viewable outdoors in the sunlight. Everyone was looking at me at the train station and asking about what it was, it looks awesome and will amaze everyone up to about 100 meters around you. A bigger screen in a smaller device, that’s pretty awesome.

This video is just the initial unboxing. Check for more videos coming up on all the new faster features, showing the web browsing speed, the new awesome looking DVR Station with HDMI output and more in the next parts of this review.

Archos 5 unboxing

DivX HD 1280×720 3.5mbit/s: Play, Download (70mb)

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    it is quite sad that most train stations these days are horrendously overloaded“

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