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Mary Lou Jepsen answers user comments

Posted by Charbax on June 7th, 2009

Following the initial video that was released showing the Pixel Qi screen during the Computex trade show in Taipei, Mary Lou Jepsen, CTO and Inventor of the Pixel Qi screen technology, answers user comments that were posted on the Engadget and Mobileread threads (among many other blogs who linked to the first video) with users from all over the world commenting and asking questions about the screen in the first video.

6 Responses to “Mary Lou Jepsen answers user comments”

  1. Mary Lou Jepsen and Pixel Qi: Video Bonanza « Media Gadget Daily Says:

    [...] VIDEO: Mary Lou Jepsen Answers User Comments [...]

  2. Pixel Qi continues its debut, founder Mary Lou Jepson speaks Says:

    [...] appears to be Pixel Qi’s big entrance: what with the hands-on last week and these follow-up videos answering questions and showing more of the device, we’re learning more about this reclusive [...]

  3. Pixel Qi 3Qi vs Amazon Kindle; Mary Lou Jepson Q&A [Video] - SlashGear Says:

    [...] out of their notebooks and netbooks, and the company’s CTO (and 3Qi creator) Mary Lou Jepsen has stepped up to answer them.  Among the most anticipated questions, Jepsen addresses price: according to her, [...]

  4. Pixel Qi : des précisions sur l’écran révolutionnaire pour Netbook, visible au soleil - PC Portable, Ultraportables, Netbooks, UMPC et mobilité Says:

    [...] [Source :] [...]

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  6. Pixel Qi’s display will NOT be $200, and other answers to your questions – Video - Liliputing Says:

    [...] she’s been showing off for the last few days. And in an interview with TechVideoBlog, Jepsen answered some of the questions left by commenters on those [...]

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