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Archos Android to be shown and released in September

Posted by Charbax on 14th June 2009

Archos had representatives from Intel and Microsoft on stage, so Archos could not use this event to also show their fully in-house developed Archos Android product or line of products. Sadly. We will have to wait a bit more to see more of that. But Archos CEO Henri Crohas started his Keynote speaking about the Android line of products and giving us some details, basically saying that it’s going to be awesome.

Archos explained a bit of how it is working now in terms of R&D and development work. Archos still has their core engineering team working on the Android device/devices to be unveiled on or before September the 15th at another event. All the while, Archos is able to release Intel and Microsoft based products and position themselves very well on the market, in partnership with engineers and manufacturers in China, in partnership with Intel and Microsoft as well.

You can hear more from the Archos CEO Henri Crohas about Android in the keynote that we broadcast live using at around the 15-25th minute:

Here I filmed a highlight of Henri Crohas’s talk about Android in upcoming Archos device/devices:

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Archos Event live video recorded

Posted by Charbax on 14th June 2009

I broadcast a 3 hour live video coverage on the 11th of June from the Archos event in Paris. Henri Crohas the CEO of Archos’s Keynote with guests on stage such as Alain Madelain President of the World Fund on Digital Solidarity for the Archos 9classmate launch, Presidents of Intel France and Microsoft France as well launching the new line of Archos Intel/Microsoft products, you can see here the 3 hour long video that we broadcast live from Paris today filmed using an Archos 10’s built-in Webcam using You can scroll this video forward to 57 minute to see the English speaking live video coverage from the Archos showcase of all the new products, including interviews of Archos representatives, discussions among the Archos bloggers and more :

There is also a second part of this broadcast, where we continue to go up close with the products:

HD hands-on videos are being uploaded right now. If my Hotel’s internet upload is fast enough, you will have the videos posted early tomorrow morning. Otherwise I will upload them during the next couple of days.

Archos Android products will be shown later, in September, by the 15th of September 2009, Archos will have the Android event with one or more Android products shown. Sorry, I thought that Archos was going to show the Android products at this event.

Thanks to BenMars for borrowing his Archos 10 laptop to enable us to do this live video streaming from the event today!

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AllGo Embedded Systems develops Android for PMPs using Freescale i.MX37 processor

Posted by Charbax on 7th June 2009

AllGo optimizes Android use on low cost PMP devices including support for WiFi and DVD resolution video playback.

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Kinpo Thin Client 7inch Android device

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

Kinpo is making a 7 inch Android tablet powered by a Freescale processor. A bunch of engineers happened to come by the Freescale headquarters with this device while I was there filming a whole bunch of other videos. I then convinced them to show it to me and to let me film it. They installed Android on a 800×480 resolution 7″ touchscreen tablet device. It works pretty smoothly though they obviously have some tweaking that they still need to do before such a device can be sold. This device currently has some pretty obvious bugs like the video not playing correctly.

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ARM Freescale Smartbooks and Smartphones

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

Steve Sperle of Freescale introduces the Freescale ARM Cortex A8 powered Smartbook by Pegatron and an Android device by Inventec IAC runing smooth video playback as well.

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$20 pocketable Karaoke system

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

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Inventec MID powered by Intel

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

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Archos 2 review

Posted by Charbax on 25th May 2009

Review of the Archos 2 mp3 player, the current cheapest mp3 player with 8GB ($59), 16GB ($99), 4GB ($39) having such a nice color 1.8″ LCD screen for videos and pictures. It’s main selling point is that it’s much cheaper than the competing devices by Sandisk, Dell, and Apple’s ipod nano.

You can discuss this video at

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Archos 5 TV Snap-On review

Posted by Charbax on 25th May 2009

Review of the Archos 5 TV Snap-On accessory that let’s you watch and record DVB-T (freeview) signals city-wide and country-wide for most European countries which already have good DVB-T coverage. It comes with a dual diversity antenna system that allows you to get the best reception for a mobile DVB-T receiver, it picks in real-time the best available signal while you walk around or move your device around when at the football match, at work, in school, on the bus, on the train, anywhere especially in densely populated areas which have good DVB-T coverage.

You can discuss this video at

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Myday Family Frame Center

Posted by Charbax on 19th March 2009

Myday makes a 11″ tablet based on Windows CE providing all types of applications such a multi-user calendar and several other things.

Youtube links:
HD quality (2mbit/s, 1280×720 h264, 44hz stereo audio)
Normal quality (350kbit/s, 320×180 sorenson, 22hz mono audio)

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