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Archive for the 'Laptops' Category

Video of the Archos 9 pctablet

Posted by Charbax on 14th June 2009

Here is a HD quality close-up look at the Archos 9 PC tablet device as shown at the Archos Event in Paris which was also live streamed and which is now available as a recording at

About the price, you have to consider that EU prices in Euro include an average of 20-25% VAT taxes that people have to pay in Europe. So the US price often is about the same amount just in US dollars. I also think that I remember clearly that Archos announced this as a 450€ or 500 US dollar device. So converting the Euro price to US dollars is not the correct way to guess the US targetted suggested retail price for this product. Thus expect this to be sold unlocked cheaper than 500 US dollars in the USA, thus cheaper than the current price of an unsubsidized iphone (599 US dollars). Also consider than until the release, Archos may find HSDPA networking partners in many countries around the world to ship this product to consumers at a subsidized price (for example I’m just guessing 199 US dollars) when bundling it with a long term HSDPA data service package for it.

Videos of the Archos 10S, Archos 13 and some talk about the Archos Android device/devices to be shown and released by Archos in September will be uploaded later today.

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Ming Jong cheap laptop

Posted by Charbax on 7th June 2009

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dmp edubook

Posted by Charbax on 7th June 2009

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Mary Lou Jepsen’s Home Lab

Posted by Charbax on 7th June 2009

Mary Lou Jepsen, CTO and inventor of the Pixel Qi technology, explains more of how the Pixel Qi 3Qi screen works, shows us a bit of how she works with her screen technology in her home lab, testing the angular performance in the OLPC screen and tells how power consumption can be saved further with a few motherboard modifications to behave like the OLPC laptop (turning off the processor and motherboard when they are not needed) and more.

(Youtube is still processing this 10 minute long HD quality video, it should be up in a few minutes in low quality and a couple of hours in HD quality)

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Pixel Qi vs Kindle vs Toshiba R600 vs regular LCD tablet

Posted by Charbax on 7th June 2009

Side by side comparison video showing the Pixel Qi 3Qi LCD screen next to the E-ink based Amazon Kindle, next to the transflective Toshiba R600 and next to a regular resistive touchscreen tablet laptop. Comparing performance in direct sunlight, in the shade and in a dark room with and without the backlight.

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Mary Lou Jepsen answers user comments

Posted by Charbax on 7th June 2009

Following the initial video that was released showing the Pixel Qi screen during the Computex trade show in Taipei, Mary Lou Jepsen, CTO and Inventor of the Pixel Qi screen technology, answers user comments that were posted on the Engadget and Mobileread threads (among many other blogs who linked to the first video) with users from all over the world commenting and asking questions about the screen in the first video.

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ARM Freescale Smartbooks and Smartphones

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

Steve Sperle of Freescale introduces the Freescale ARM Cortex A8 powered Smartbook by Pegatron and an Android device by Inventec IAC runing smooth video playback as well.

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Wistron Pbook booting up and using its basic features

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

Wistron is making a Sony looking ARM Snapdragon based laptop device running Red Flag linux.

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ARM Director of Mobile Computing about ARM Laptops with Android and Ubuntu

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

Bob Morris, Director of Mobile Computing at ARM Holdings introduces the new type of ARM based products such as ARM in Laptops/Netbooks/Smartbooks, ARM based Android smartphones.

Posted in ARM, Android, Computex, High Definition, Laptops, Linux, Mobile phones, Processors | 4 Comments »

Inventec ARM Laptop powered by Snapdragon

Posted by Charbax on 5th June 2009

Inventec is showing pretty smooth video playback on an ARM laptop using the Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM Cortex A8 processor.

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